Space Lane Trader

Space Lane Trader appeared at Essen Spiel ’19 for the first time ever! It is still not possible to buy this in your local store, but we plan to get a Kickstarter going in the beginning of 2020. If you are interested in purchasing it or to just receive more information, please sign up below.

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The year is 3018. Man has spread across the galaxy with the help of the Alcubierre drive, making it possible to travel faster than light, and has terraformed and settled many of the planet systems in closest vicinity to earth. Spaceships travel back and forth between the planets along Space Lanes carrying passengers, equipment and a wide array of different goods that are in demand.
You have decided to try your luck in this booming business where it is possible to earn a small fortune in little or no time, but it is also accompanied by a certain degree of risk. Although the authorities fight to keep the Space Lanes free from debris, pirates and aliens, from time to time Transport ships go missing without a trace. You now find yourself looking for your first haul at Terra station – a gigantic space station hovering over the Earth where millions of tons of different cargo switches hand every day.

Space Lane Trader is first and foremost a game of trade. Buy goods, transport it where demand is high, collect your money and see your fortune grow.
However, you can also turn to piracy and attack your opponents in order to achieve your goals.

The aim of the game is to earn a set sum and return to a pre-determined location with proof of your newly acquired wealth.

You start the game with a character and a ship of your choice. As the game progresses you will earn experience points, with which you can unlock abilities for your character. You can also upgrade your spaceship with better equipment or buy a bigger and better ship.

The game board is a visualisation of your ship’s trade computer. The trade locations are shown here, along with graphics showing which goods that can be bought and sold, as well as their prices and the amount of cargo available.

Between the trade locations are Space Lanes – deep space highways, chartered through space where ships can be kept away from dangers, such as asteroid fields, comets and high radiation areas. The Space Lanes are also patrolled regularly in order to ensure that ships can travel in safety, more or less free from pirates and aliens.

There are 8 different characters to choose from – the Android, the Soldier, the Scientist, the Preacher, the Pirate Captain, the Merchant, the Entertainer and finally the Engineer. Each of them have a specialty when starting the game, making them unique and giving them an edge in some area.

As the game progresses the characters will receive experience points making it possible to develop them further. All of them have 4 skill sets that can be developed – Piloting, Combat, Trade and a Special one that makes each character unique.

At the beginning of the game, you have the choice to start with either the Aegir or the Hyperion Cargo Transports. After a few cargo hauls, you will have enough money to buy either the bigger Taurus or Atlas. This will cost you money though, and you must decide if it is worth to spend your hard spent money on a ship that could potentially increase your money making capability or keep the money you have – getting you closer to your goal.

In Space Lane Trader, three different ship types are used and can be bought by the players: Transports, Freighters and Carriers.