Space Lane Trader – Latest news

Here it will be possible to follow what is happening right now concerning Space Lane Trader.


  1. There were a few people who asked for rules which would enable you to play the game on your own , so we have come up with a set of rules for solitaire play – we already have a solid foundation for the rules and are now playtesting them in order to ensure that they hold up in all situations.
  2. The level of detail is not equal across all game parts, so we are looking into ways to improve the graphic design of some of the boards and cards.
  3. We didn’t have time to scrutinize and improve the language on most of the boards, rules and cards before Essen, so this is something that we will focus on in the coming weeks.
  4. We will also start to decide how the Kickstarter campaign should look like – what packages to offer, the prices of these, what stretch goals to offer etc.
    If you have any ideas related to this, don’t hesitate to write to us –


You will now receive information about the progress of Space Lane Trader and especially when the Kickstarter goes live.